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Specialty Lifts


Mobile Column Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Inground Lifts

Experience the quality of Challenger Lifts today.


Mobile Column Lifts

Our Heavy-Duty mobile lifting system along with optional sets of accessory support stands will accommodate multiple bays with one lift system. Robust yet easily maneuverable mobile columns can be operated on almost any solid surface, in-doors or out.

Challenger Lifts CLHM-185 mobile column lifts provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber tired vehicle, from small passenger cars to the largest two, three or four axle vehicles from 37,000 lbs. to 148,000 lbs. without taking up an entire bay. Our Heavy-Duty mobile lifts are also capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.


Inground Lifts

Eliminate environmental concerns with Challenger Lifts’EnviroLift® cassette-style inground lifts. EnviorLifts® are fully contained in a sealed polymer housing made from recycled plastic, to protect your investment and the environment. EnviroLifts® inground car lifts meet all the demands of a professional automotive service facility and are available in 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 lb. capacities.

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