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Garage Door Knowledge

Garage doors come in three configurations: one-piece, roller doors and the most common, sectional doors.


As the name suggests a residential sectional door is made up of normally three to five sections. These sections are stacked vertically and hinged along the length of the panel. The hinges serve two functions, they hold the panels together while also acting as a holder for the rollers. Rollers fit into tracks allowing for the door to move freely up and down. The tracks are attached using jamb brackets to the sides of the door opening.


Garage Door Materials

Aluminum: Low cost, rust proof and low maintenance. Prone to denting and not energy efficient


Steel: These doors offer a variety of sizes and styles. Steel also offer strength and security in a cost-competitive door.


Fiberglass and Vinyl: These are composite doors typically built using a steel core and a fiberglass or vinyl skin with foam insulation. 


Wood garage doors offer a traditional aesthetic appeal, however require higher maintenance and typically are more expensive.

One Piece Door

Rolling Door

Sectional Door

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