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Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Program


The most cost-effective way to avoid downtime and to maintain safety is with KJK Door System's Preventive Maintenance Program.


Overhead Doors and Operators are an investment just like a new vehicle, which require periodic attention to maintain proper operation and safety. Our Preventative Maintenance Program is so beneficial and cost effective that it will increase your workers' productivity and safety along with extending the life span of your equipment. 


When you regulate your equipment, you achieve the safety standard required for quality operation and reducing any factor of unpredictably makes your work environment safer! The overall result helps prevent OSHA citations and may reduce worker's compensation claims by troubleshooting any possible equipment hazards. Note: the most common sited statute for NJ PEOSH and OSHA is the lack of safety controls and maintenance related to overhead garage doors.


The Preventive Maintenance Program assures your initial equipment investment does not rapidly diminish with the normal wear and tear of typical operations. Not only does the Preventive Maintenance Program safeguard your investment; it also extends the life span and effectiveness of it! Through monitoring your equipment, minor repairs and adjustments executed on a frequent basis forestall costly major overhauls or premature replacement. 


While a Preventive Maintenance Program may extend the quality and duration of your equipment, it cannot guarantee unending life to any product. Eventually parts reach the end of their functional life and require replacement. Upon the customer's authorization, the necessary parts will be replaced. Parts and labor will be billed additionally.


One of the Preventive Maintenance Program objectives is to meet your company's insurance requirements as it pertains to subcontractors working on-site. Whenever our trained service technicians work on your equipment, the result is a detailed service record for your files. 




Automatic Garage Door Opener

- Perform UL 325 Safety Reverse Test

- Inspect for proper operation

- Adjust up and down force sensitivity

- Tighten drive chain/belt as needed

- Lubricate drive train and all sprockets

- Check wiring and connections

- Set up and down limits as needed

- Remove cover and inspect all internal gears and belts

- Check transmitter and wall stations for proper operation and range

- Keypad and transmitter batteries are checked and replaced free (up to 2) if needed.

- Check and adjust photo-eye alignment


Garage Door

- Inspect, adjust and lubricate springs

- Inspect spring mounting pad for cracks and splits

- Inspect section condition

- Inspect door alignment

- Inspect and lubricate all rollers

- Inspect and tighten hinges and hardware

- Lubricate all bearings

- Inspect cables for wear or damage

- Inspect locks for proper operation

- Inspect weather strip for wear or damage


Customers who sign up for KJK Preventative Maintenance Program
will also receive the following additional benefits:


- Priority customer status

- 10% discount on standard labor rates

- 10% discount on purchase of parts and hardware recommended for replacement

- 10% discount on purchase of new garage door and/or garage door opener*

- Extended life of garage door equipment



The KJK Preventative Maintenance Program requires an annual maintenance agreement.  A customer service representative will contact you every year about 1-2 weeks prior to your anniversary date to schedule your maintenance appointment. The KJK Preventative Maintenance Program will continue every year, for as long as the customer schedules a maintenance appointment. To be removed from the program, simply call us and let us know that you wish to cancel. No-Hassle. It's just that easy!



The initial visit will be with a trained service professional who will, at no charge, perform a safety inspection of your systems to make certain that all of the safety mechanisms are in place and in good working order. KJK Doors Systems cannot maintain any door system that does not meet safety standards as outlined by UL. These door systems will need to be brought to compliance prior to entering into a maintenance contract. A detailed report will be provided within 48 hours outlining the cost for any safety repairs and will also contain the KJK Preventative Maintenance Program cost for the annual program.


Second Visit:

The second visit will be to repair any of the safety issues and to perform the maintenance on the doors and openers. This will be scheduled once the KJK Preventative Maintenance Program contract is completed



KJK Door Systems gives no warranty except as follows:

KJK warrants that any parts installed on a requested service call or replaced as part of a preventative maintenance program are warrantied against defects for a period of 1 year from installation date including labor. Warranty will not apply on parts damaged by vandalism, misuse, power failure, act of God, or accidents involving the equipment


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