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The Perfect Mobile Lift

for the Hobiest


High quality portable feature makes the QMR6 like having a service bay anywhere, indoors or out.

Experience the convenience of a home car lift today.

QMR6 Series Mid-Rise
Specialty Lift

6,000 lb. Capacity Portable Mid-Rise


It’s important for you to find the right lifts for your garage, and that’s where Quality Lifts can easily help you. This list of mid-rise lift features can help you decide if the QMR6 Series if right for your needs.


1. Portable mid-rise lift with heavy duty tow dolly provides flexibility to service vehicles anywhere, inside or out.


2. Electric motor mounted on tow dolly provides convenience and ease of maneuverability.


3. 7 safety lock positions allows technician to work at an ergonomic height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.


4. Single push button power unit with release valve provides convenience when lifting and lowering vehicles.


5. Sliding/rotating arm design reaches pick-up points on a wider range of vehicles.


6. Standard high and low adapters accommodates higher frame vehicle pickup points.

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