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2 Post Car Lift


2 Post Car Lifts, Vehicle Lifts & Auto Lifts

Experience the quality of Challenger Lifts today.


Challenger Lifts' ALI/ETL Certified Versymmetric® 2 post car lift maximizes your revenue potential by having the flexibility to safely lift automobiles both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay. It’s like owning two car lifts in one - 10,000 lb. Versymmetric® lift can accommodate just about any automobile that comes in for service. Contact KJK for pricing information on our 2 post car lift selection.


The Versymmetric® two post lifts are equipped with one of three Versymmetric® arm configurations:

  • Offset 3-stage front arms + 3-stage rear arms - Model CL10V3 and CL10V3-DPC

  • Offset 2-stage front arms - Model CL10

  • 3-stage front arms - Models SA10 and E10



Other features and benefits include:

  • Maximizes service capabilities and revenue potential.

  • Provides open door clearance for trucks, vans, SUV’s and passenger cars for access to controls, while rubber door guards protect vehicle doors.

  • Space saving base plate provides obstruction free work environment.

  • Dual safety locks disengage simultaneously w/ a Single Point Mechanical Lock Release.

  • Overhead shut off system protects vehicles from being raised too high.



Optional two post lift accessories available to turn your lifts into complete productivity centers. 

Keep in mind there really are differences in 2 post lifts. Not only are Challenger two post lifts manufactured to the highest standards for long lasting durability, we design key productivity features in each 2 post car lift, and you reap the benefits. Check out some key Productivity Measures before choosing your next two post car lift. Other helpful information in determining your lift is how the car lift makes contact with vehicles. 

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